About Us

STAR is a Software Technology Services company

Helps businesses to transform the software-driven business with Emerging technologies and Innovative Processes. We Specialize in Product Development, AI/ML Solutions, DevOPS and Testing Services with vertical focus on ISV, Field Services, Manufacturing and Cloud Enabled Business.

Keep Your Business Safe & Ensure High Availability.


We aspire to be the world’s best Software Solutions Partner through innovation and technology.


To Deliver Business Transformation, “Software Solutions for SMEs” across the globe, offering Services like Product Development, AI/ML Solutions and DevOps Solutions.


1. We do what we promise.
2. Passionate about cutting edge technology.
3. Committed to Customer satisfaction.
4. We are innovative smart people delivering Quality work.



Raja Venkataraman
Raja Venkataraman
Chief Technology Officer
Shivakumar Kuppannan
Shivakumar Kuppannan
Chief Executive Officer