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AI-Powered Test Automation

Test Project is an open-source end-to-end test automation
platform for web, mobile.
Web Testing
Powerful automated testing for any web application. Responsive web, react, angular, and more.
Android Testing
The automated testing for any Android application. Native apps, hybrid apps, and more.
iOS Testing
The automated testing for any iOS application.
Selenium Testing
Selenium based testing for any web app, simplified.

Create Appium tests directly from your IDE (Eclipse) using a simple visual interface that includes device reflection, test recorder.

  • End-to-end web & mobile test automation from Eclipse

    Develop tests, automate projects, and execute automated testing on devices located in any public Cloud.

  • Parallel test execution

    Run multiple CI projects in parallel by dynamically scheduling, executing, and distributing your mobile app automation testing.

Smoke tests

Performed prior to release, it’s a superficial check of the basic functions.

Regression tests

It’s the most thorough check running all the routine tests that can be automated. Automation is especially cost effective for high volume regression.

Manual testing

It will be more precise in terms of interruptions like incoming texts, calls, push notifications, etc. This also includes testing how the app performs depending on the different Internet connection.