SmartBin ioT Solutions

Smart Garbage Monitoring System
Using Internet of Things (IOT)


SmartBin provides a real-time indication of the garbage levels, with alerts and thresholds. This helps in optimizing vehicles that are used to do the waste collection and helps the environment too by reducing fuel consumption and unnecessary trips. SmartBin also allows garbage collection agencies to plan their weekly/daily pickup schedules ahead of time.

Monitoring System

Smartbin monitors the height of the garbage bin and calculates the amount of garbage filled inside that bin. Monitoring can be configured remotely and alerts are sent to supervisors based on the thresholds.

Level Indicator

Level Indicators can help identify when to remove the trash. Remote monitoring and Level Indication help in reducing the trips required to collect the garbage.

iOT Integration

IoT controllers placed inside the interior of the lid, help with monitoring the levels of trash and sending live data to the microcontroller and to the remote monitoring station.

Data Integrated to Map

The remote monitoring stations use the data from the IoT controller to plot optimized routes which are then sent to the individual drivers on their customized mobile application to do the garbage collection.


The Geo Co-ordinates assign to bin locations with Address.

  • Google Map or OSM

    The latitude and longitude will connect all the Smartbins in the city.

  • Mobile App for the Drivers

    The collective data from the iOT devices create a job and assign to Driver with Route optimisation.


Smart Semi Underground Waste Collection Bins

Smart collection bin keeps the collecting point clean and offers a solution for odor problems.
  • Fill level monitoring system

    The integrated software and Voice telemetry system guides the truck driver to the designated location.

  • Command and control System

    Command Control Center (CCC) is a next generation solution, which will establish an intensive framework where input from different functional departments.

  • Smart bin for Smart Cities

    Smart bins are environmentally friendly. By reducing the need for collection visits, smart bins lower emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases.

Advantages of Smart Bins

80 percent less collections, reducing fuel, emissions, traffic congestion, and labor costs

New Digital Infrastructure

iOT sensors can communicate its exact geolocation through GPS to headquarters.

SaaS and Mobile Application

setting up of the cloud service, implementation in real-time, Our module is cost-efficient, accurate, and is intelligent enough to make decisions on its own