Vessel KPI Matrix

Vessel Ranking and Score card application

The KPI Matrix offers shipping organisations the ability to produce a visual representation of how a ship or group of ships performs during a specific time period.

KPI Management

It is a comprehensive web-based tool specifically designed for ship owners to provide efficient oversight over their ship managing partners.

Custom KPI builder

Based on key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring system and weighing principles set by the management to measure the performance standards.

Fleet Managers KPI

The system allows the user to compare; fleet, managers or groups to see the best and worst performers.

Objectives of KPIs

Measure for continuous improvement and internal and external benchmarking.

Standard KPI's

Tracking the most critical KPIs allows you to continuously boost performance, reduce costs.

  • Vessel Ranking

    Measuring performance across many shipping metrics requires data analytics.

  • Data Analytics

    In your day-to-day shipping operations, a vast amount of data is gathered that can be used to obtain actionable knowledge, insights, and predictions.


Shipping KPI analysis for lower Opex

Ship Manager utilizes the valuable data that is produced in your systems every day brings important information to the attention of decision-makers.
  • KPIs Dashboard

    Run integrated reporting packages and dashboards for both ship management and operational needs.

  • Score card

    Its primary goal is to show a number that can give us an idea about the current performance of the vessel.

  • Trend Analysis

    We know the performance of each indicator in the scorecard. Comparing the KPIs with certain period data.


The KPI system is only as good as your understanding of it.


Enter or upload the performance data of yoursships.


Compare your ships against other fleets using scorecards, trends and breakdowns.