Legacy to Micros Services

The Right Strategy To Migrate Your Monolithic Application To
a Micro services -Based Architecture
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The DevOps approach to migrating legacy apps to Microservices

Transforming legacy apps requires a significant cultural shift and an agile DevOps approach.
Application and Cloud Management
Star helps businesses to extend their DevOps strategy to accommodate in the cloud. The DevOps cloud platform helps to accommodate more applications built, tested and deployed.
DevOps Managed Services
The modern organizations need sophisticated DevOps managed service providers. STAR provides DevOps-as-a-Service that helps businesses to meet demanding development.
End-to-End DevOps Implementation
DevOps implementation requires an effective DevOps implementation roadmap. Our agile DevOps implementation strategy helps businesses accelerate their business workflow with end-to-end automation.
Containerization and orchestration
Star offers next-gen containerization and orchestration services to help enterprises run their applications securely and efficiently in the cloud-native environment. Our team of certified DevOps engineers will help you to build end-to-end cloud solutions built around containers.

Application Modernization

Can transform your legacy applications into a resilient, future-ready businesses.
  • Deploying a Kubernetes app management model

    Kubernetes is a platform that can host, manage, scale and deploy containers, which are well-suited to the microservices pattern. Kubernetes app management model will help you to move legacy apps to microservices and connect them into a single platform.

  • Automation of core infrastructure

    One of the main objectives of modernizing legacy apps is moving from manual processes to automated processes. Automation of the core infrastructure can help you reduce time and cost as well as achieve business goals with agility.

Adopt microservices

Microservices being a popular architectural style for modern applications and cloud being the one stop destination for hosting those applications, microservices becomes must have to cloud computing.

Simplifying the Migration Process

The process of converting a monolith manually to microservices is labor-intensive, manual, error-prone, time-consuming, and requires deep architecture skills.

Modernize your apps efficiently using DevOps approach

DevOps is a software development process that automates and integrates the efforts of development and IT operations teams to speed the delivery of high-quality software.