First Digital Lab in IBM Cloud
for Students

Access to 150+ Core & Advanced Labs

IBM Digital Labs is an innovative way to provide a simple, cloud-based virtual lab platform. It offers skill bundles with a wide range of labs (standard to advanced) ,Digitally connected open source labs along with IBM IaaS and PaaS services.

The lab deployment system creates a unique sandboxed/container/VM environment for each student. The student accesses their lab session from a browser on any device connected to the internet

Ready to use Labs
Faster Lab Setup
Grading Systems
Quick Support


IBM provides the widest range of technology labs with 24/7 availability to meet student learning goals.

  • Anywhere Any time

    Unleash the power of learning Anywhere Any time with IBM virtual labs

  • Cost Saving up to 80%

    Maximize your savings with IBM virtual labs which reduce costs up to 80%

  • Get IBM Certification

    Get Certified and boost your career prospects with IBM cloud labs

  • Grading Systems

    Student Grading Systems where students can see result


Delivering State-of-the-Art Virtual lab solutions for educational institutions

  • Reporting System

    You can get the details usage of lab usage and students activity of usage

  • Best Cost Effective Plans

    Comparing to the market you will get the best price which saves you 80%

  • Ticketing Systems

    Students and Faculty can raise the ticket for any assistance will provide the best TAT

Faculties Can Monitor Students

Faculties can manage the show effectively, the way it happens in physical classrooms

Core & Advanced labs

Cloud labs platform leverages the IBM public cloud platforms to host labs in a cost effective fashion

Pre-built labs

for Cloud Computing, Data Science, Machine learning, Security and many more