Unified Automation platform for your business

Runbook Automation (RBA)+Devops Automation (DOA)+Business Process Automation (BPA)


Automation as a Service (AaaS- 3AS), Build a pipeline with your own actions and conditions. One unified platform for your entire business automation. Execute scripts in any language or use pre-build actions such as Flows to build simple, visual pipelines.

Automate Workflows

Automate processes across departments and systems to eliminate manual tasks.

Drag & Drop Actions and Conditions

All aspects of customisation of Triggers, Conditions, Actions and Notifications.

Rapidly Deploy Solutions

AaaS platform allow you to rapidly design workflows to automate and deploy them in 30 Minutes.

Dashboards to Monitor Processes

Crystal clear visibility into how your pipeline runs.

Workflow automation solutions for every industry.

The AaaS 3AS platform is built with flexibility in mind to serve a wide range of workflow needs and serves industries from Manufacturing to Software Development.

  • Enterprise Workflow Automation

    Increase the value and functionality of your own solution and gain an advantage in the market.

  • Industry-leading intelligent Workflow Automation

    Though they have multiple strategies, there still existed gaps in a full-fledged DevOps implementation.

  • Customizable workflow solutions

    Create customizable workflow that suit your industry rather than force-fit solutions.


Reinventing workflows

Automate processes in microservices-based architecture and cloud-based Solutions.
  • DevOps

    Ops Synergy is a powerful and flexible open-source framework for DevOps automation, allowing developers to build, test, and deploy across cloud providers and on-premise systems.

  • Runbook

    Runbook Automation is an interface to a workflow and it connects people to tools and infrastructure.

  • Business process automation

    Containerizing business automation solutions allows for the app to be accessed across multiple platforms while allowing developers and business users to comanage the life cycle of the applications.

Runbook Automation - RBA

RBA is the ability to define, build, orchestrate, manage, and report on workflows that support system and network operational processes. A runbook workflow can interact with all types of network elements, such as applications, databases, and hardware.

AI-powered DevOps Automation -DevOps

Start your digital transformation from AaaS. Pre-built auctions helps you manage every part of the development lifecycle.

Workflow Automation - WFA

The workflow engine that lets users manage pipeline without code, minimize the complexities in repetitive tasks, and improve the overall efficiency of a process.